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Sat, Jan 7th

Project Mavara is a Vancouver-based DJ partnership between nomads Sina and Siavosh who are showcasing a unique spell of melodies and rhythms derived from underground sounds, diverse musical styles, and various cultural influences owing to their Middle Eastern herritage.

In late 2014, as close friends, Sina and Siavosh began their creative musical exchanges and output as Project Mavara. Playing as a duo has given both a chance to let their imagination and musical eclecticism flow freely and allows them to continuously reinvent their own sonic vision. Currently, as Deep Down Inside resident DJs at M.I.A. Nightclub in their hometown of Vancouver, Project Mavara continues to hold no musical boundary to surprise the people on the dance floor. They are always searching for the striking impulses in club music to turn the hours on the dance floor into special and lasting moments. It is the distinct sounds, basslines, and melodies that fuse and surface during sets that are best proof for their deep and profound love for underground dance music.

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